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What is an implant?

Artificial tooth roots that will be replaced by teeth that are lost for various reasons and cause lack of function are called implants. These artificial tooth roots are screws made of titanium alloy. The main task of the implant is to replace the missing tooth root and restore the lost mouth and tooth function. In this way, an implanted tooth is obtained that can be used like a natural tooth without damaging the bone tissue.

Who Is Implant Treatment Applied to?

In order for the implant treatment to be successfully applied, it is very important that the patient has completed bone development and that the jaw structure is appropriate. If the jawbone development is not completed, this problem can be resolved with various pretreatments and implant treatment can be started.

Implant treatment is also possible for patients using fully removable prostheses. Implant treatment can also be performed in cases where there are no teeth in the mouth. If there is no obstacle caused by the jawbone, implant treatment can be started on the same day, if any, after the bone formation process. In this way, the use of removable dentures ends and you can have much more useful, natural-looking teeth.

Patients with chronic diseases should definitely inform the specialist dentist and get permission from their doctor before implant treatment.

How Is Implant Made?


Implant treatment; It is a solid, comfortable and reliable dental treatment method. Prostheses made on implanted teeth replace real teeth and create the most natural structure. While the missing teeth are being completed, the healthy teeth of the person are not touched.

Implant treatment is much longer lasting than all prostheses. Since the implant is a special application that replaces the natural tooth, it brings the surest and healthiest solution to all kinds of problems caused by tooth loss.

Can the implant be applied at any age?

There is no age limit for implant treatment.

  • Since the person must have completed bone development for implant treatment, this process must be completed in young people, which is completed until the age of 16-17 in girls and 18 in boys.

  • There is no upper age limit for implant treatment for adults. Individuals of all ages with suitable general health status can have implant treatment.

How long does the implant treatment?

The duration of implant treatment varies from patient to patient. Because after the implant is placed, it should be expected to settle in the jawbone and ossify in that area. Although the common time is 2-3 months, the specialist dentist will determine the most accurate time and advance the treatment.

Why Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment is actually an alternative treatment method to traditional prosthesis treatment. However, it has very distinct advantages compared to traditional prosthetic applications.


Prosthetic teeth placed with implant treatment create a much more natural appearance than traditional dentures. In this way, the person gets a much more aesthetic and non-artificial smile.


Since a tooth root is not applied in traditional prostheses, damage to the jawbone can be prevented with the load on the jaw bones over time. Because the implant, which acts as a tooth root, meets the pressure during chewing and protects the jawbone. In other words, dry food can be consumed much more easily after implant treatment and speech function is not impaired.

How to Care for the Implant?

After the implant treatment, the person's oral and dental care will be maintained for life. The oral and dental care that should be done after the implant treatment is not different from the routine if the specialist dentist does not have a different recommendation; Regular brushing, flossing and specialist dentist checks are sufficient.

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